We're thrilled to announce the addition of Tyler Ortego as our GM of Coastal Solutions. Tyler adds an invaluable level of expertise and experience in real-world implementations of coastal and biological engineering solutions. The original news item is below:


Raleigh-based climate technology company Natrx, the industry leader in adaptive infrastructure, has appointed Tyler Ortego as General Manager of Coastal Solutions.

Ortego is a co-founder of Natrx, which specializes in advanced, high-performance technologies that power the development of nature-based environmental resilience systems. As a member of the company’s senior executive team, Ortego contributes extensive industry knowledge and field construction expertise to large-scale solutions designed to protect climate-exposed assets. Being based in the New Orleans area, Ortego will provide a senior leadership presence in the Southern Louisiana/Gulf Coast region where coastal resilience solutions are critical and where Natrx has several projects currently in progress.

Recognized as a leading authority in coastal resilience engineering, Ortego is a charter board member of the Louisiana Chapter of COPRI (Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute) where he served as chair. His professional career has been dedicated to creating sustainable, complementary relationships between natural ecosystems and coastal infrastructure. 

“Tyler is a distinguished engineer known for his commitment to harnessing the power of nature to enhance coastal resilience,” said Natrx president Matt Campbell. “His visionary approach helped establish Natrx as a global innovator that is able to deliver solutions at industrial scale around the world.”

Ortego earned his undergraduate and masters degrees in Biological Engineering at Louisiana State University, where he conducted groundbreaking research focused on optimizing concrete structures to facilitate oyster growth. Inspired by the impact of Hurricane Katrina on coastal Louisiana, his work on a modular, oyster-growing shoreline protection system was the genesis for the climate resilience technology company he co-founded with Campbell. The company was branded as Natrx in 2018.

“Our technologies enable us to create adaptive coastal infrastructure that works together with the natural ecosystem,” said Ortego. “Our mission is to create nature-based solutions that deliver both environmental and economic benefits to coastal communities so they can thrive for generations.” 

Ortego actively contributes to the technical standards for Additive Manufacturing in Construction and Sustainability committees established by ASTM International, the leading industry organization.