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Our nature-based infrastructure platform allows land asset managers to transform resilience challenges into opportunities for exceeding sustainability targets. Our technology harnesses the unrivaled resilience-building, de-carbonizing power of natural systems with measurability and predictability.

Natrx delivers sustainable, practical solutions to today's biggest infrastructure challenges by designing systems that incorporate the unrivaled adaptive power of nature.
By working with nature, instead of against it like traditional solutions, Natrx delivers a new standard of sustainable, high-performance, and cost-effective asset protection.


Natrx solutions combine digital intelligence with our advanced manufacturing tools to deliver large scale, nature-based solutions that deliver protection upon install and, thanks to the power of nature, become more resilient over time—all while reducing operational risk and supporting the health and growth of local habitats.


Hurricane Tested

Natrx solutions outperformed expectations in 2020’s once-in-a-century storms.


Less is

Our solutions use less material, cost less and install in less time.


Ecological Outcomes

Adaptive Infrastructure creates healthy habitats. Healthy habitats protect shorelines.



Infrastructure solutions that support and benefit local communities.

The Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure approach delivers immediate protection that gets more resilient over time.

Where Natrx Solutions Work 

Natrx provides Adaptive Infrastructure solutions to a wide range of industries that demand turnkey resilience solutions to lower cost and reduce risk versus traditional methods.

Example solution categories:

Shoreline Stabilization

Offshore Wind

Energy Distribution

Intelligent Dredging

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The best way to learn how we can help you reduce risk and improve environmental outcomes is by discussing your project directly with our CEO, Leonard Nelson.

We believe in building long-term relationships and each discussion we have helps us learn more about what we can do with our tools and techniques to make a difference.

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