Crafted into Nature.
We incorporate nature into how we build and live.

Natrx enables builders, architects, and ecologists to incorporate nature directly into infrastructure. Our platform allows rapid design and delivery of custom structures with habitat features to replace typical solid-form alternatives. We cut material usage by up to 70%, save our customers time and tooling costs, and faciliate the long-term growth of beneficial biomass as part of our structures. We believe our digital production platform and habitat-informed design can change how we build and live.



Up to 300% higher protective biomass from habitat growth over time.

Nature can grow over time and provide "free" protection for buildings and infrastructure. Structures can be designed with more surface area and internal voids to facilitate the growth of biomass. Our past projects have created over 100M pounds of shellfish and wetlands species.
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Stabilizing diversity and population density of the ecosystem.

650% increase in habitat per linear foot of infrastructure vs. rock or solid concrete structure.

Improve the environment as we develop the infrastructure.

As we establish and develop our infrastucture we can stabilize the habitat and reverse damage that has been done to the coastal ecosystem. Rethinking infrastructure development so we only use what we need.



Go from a habitat concept to a physical structure in a single day.

Intelligent connectivity of structure allows for higher energy reduction and strucural strength parameters with less material than traditional solid structures.
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Faster design cycles - lower costs

98% reduction in customization process time versus conventional methods. The ability to design for local requirements can simplify and expedite permitting. Rapid-prototyping with our process can eliminate over-design costs and reduce risks.

Unleashing creative potential.

We are enabling the designer to deliver from concept to creation in a way that has been impossible until now. Ideas can be executed within an accelerated design-to-build schedule.



Avoid large CAPEX outlays by implementing smaller projects on-demand, and capture the benefit of ongoing habitat growth.

Typically, building projects are large capital expenditures that may be over-designed. We facilitate smaller, custom implementations that are easier to afford, permit, and build. These more frequent projects provide you the opportunity to monitor and capture the benefits of habitat growth over time.
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More economical and successful.

The overall cost of projects are substantially reduced and successful aspects can be enhanced by implementing smaller projects over time and monitoring them.

Achieve more with less.

We help you achieve more cost effective and successful projects. Our projects are nature-based, which continue to become more resilient and impactful over time.

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