Natrx ExoForms™

A highly flexible, coastal resilience solution that’s safer and faster to install than traditional methods, promotes habitat growth and ecological benefits, and gets stronger over time. 

Do more with less.

Natrx ExoForms™ leverage the adaptive power of nature to provide more benefits than traditional methods with far less material and environmental impact.

And because ExoForms™ are a nature-based system, they promote new habitat growth immediately and grow stronger over time.


Digital meets natural.

ExoForms™ come in standard shapes designed to perform in most environments and can be customized to best benefit the specific demands of any project's site and habitat characteristics.

Natrx digital design allows for rapid prototyping to explore the best approach to creating resilience and habitat-positive benefits.


Natrx Dry Forming™

Our patented Dry Forming™ process is a breakthrough approach to providing sustainable, eco-positive coastal infrastructure resilience. Dry Forming allows for the rapid transition from digital design to physical ExoForm™ structure in as little as one day.

Dry Forming™ enables the unprecedented ability to manufacture and cost-effectively install eco-positive, highly-functional coastal resilience modules tailored to site conditions.

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