"This technology could open the door for a new wave of CCA reef projects as we experiment with different module sizes and designs. In the future, we could conceivably create reef materials specifically designed to optimize each reef location."

-- John Walther, CCA Louisiana Vice President of Habitat 

A Natrx project and partnership with CCA, The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Danos, and White Water Contractors in south Louisiana was featured on KATC 3 News.

This artificial reef project uses 128 Natrx ExoForms or "Cajun Coral" which were designed and manufactured specifically for the site.

"Located in about 20 feet of water, the new reef replaces that lost habitat, providing habitat for trout, redfish, and a diverse range of marine species, according to a spokesperson for CCA."

Watch the entire story at KATC3's website.