Nature-based resilience planning, implemention, and measurement in one technology and manufacturing platform.

Natrx delivers a comprehensive, nature-based resilience platform built on a combination of innovative new technology and years of practical engineering experience.

Natrx Assess

Pinpoint erosion issues across vast areas and create a plan for taking action without the need for manual inspection. Our proprietary, remote-sensing and artificial intelligence technology allows for identification of specific risks and risk areas and precision planning of nature-based solutions across large areas and asset holdings.

  • Remote sensing makes getting started easy

  • Reduce costs and timelines

  • Develop an action plan to address any issues

  • Eliminate the need for physical inspection

  • Anticipate rather than react to resilience issues

  • Prioritize spending with pinpoint planning

  • 3-meter landscape resolution accuracy


Natrx Address

Natrx Address tackles coastal resilience challenges with highly flexible solutions that are safer and faster to install than traditional methods, promote habitat-growth, and deliver ecological benefits. Natrx Address solutions are customized to best fit the specific demands of your project and digital design allows for rapid prototyping to explore the best approach to creating resilience and habitat-positive benefits.

  • Straightforward and often expedited planning and permitting

  • Remarkably fast and safe installation

  • Innovative materials designed for maximum positive environmental outcomes

  • Supported by years of coastal engineering implementation experience

  • We work directly with site owners or with partner contractors and engineers

  • Reduced material volume (1/6 to 1/10 the material of a comparable rock solution)

  • Performance that far exceeds rock solutions while allowing for diverse habitat benefits


Natrx Appraise

Natrx Appraise combines remote sensing with advanced data science to provide ongoing monitoring, measurement, and reporting of project performance and value creation. Natrx Appraise provides a high resolution understanding of the performance of your solution’s impact. 

Natrx Appraise can quantify the value of your solution in terms of blue carbon, erosion control, biodiversity, nutrients in the environment, and other customizable measurements. Natrx Appraise can also identify any inadequacy and provide data driven recommendations for improvement.

  • Measure impact of resilience and restoration actions

  • Provide clarity and a sense of assurance

  • Quantify the value of shoreline solutions

  • Confirm projects accomplish their goals

  • Measurement for receiving carbon and nutrient credits

  • Receive data driven recommendations for improvement

  • Provide a high resolution understanding of project site


Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure is Storm Tested

Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure solutions are provide proven protection from erosional and storm threats.

The image to the left shows the difference between our approach and traditional methods after Hurricane Laura, a category 4 hurricane on the Louisana coast.


Learn how your project could benefit from a Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure Solution.

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