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Categorize coastal typologies, assess risks, identify opportunities for action, and measure the performance of implemented solutions. Natrx Assess enables landscape scale resilience planning with high definition across large areas and asset holdings.


Natrx Assess provides a never-before achievable view of land change dynamics. Using our proprietary remote sensing and intelligence platform, we deliver a high resolution understanding of your site that can predict likely erosion issues so you can address specific hotspots before they become a problem.

Natrx Assess Benefits:

  • Get started quickly without the need for time-consuming, less accurate field work

  • Reduce survey costs and planning timelines

  • Identify most vulnerable areas and assets with a high level of specificity

  • Anticipate rather than react to issues

  • Prioritize spend to maximize co-benefits

  • Measure vegetative health, erosion hotspots, biodiversity

  • Quantify financial and ecological benefits

  • Receive credit for enhancements and blue carbon

Natrx Assess can efficiently and cost-effectively analyze large-scale areas up to thousands of square miles with three meter precision. Our proprietary intelligence platform accurately identifies and categorizes your site’s specific physical characteristics and environmental conditions.

 This high resolution analysis enables more accurate planning to address specific risks. Getting started is easy and cost-effective, it’s safer and more accurate than traditional field work, and the platform can be used for ongoing monitoring of the performance of risk mitigation actions.

Natrx Assess: Sample Output


Erosion Analysis

Highly complex shoreline profiles can be analyzed using our methods to identify hot spots which are not apparent through manual analysis methods.


Shoreline Wave Climate Modeling

Modeling of fetch and wind driven wave distributions can be calculated in all directions. When combined with land loss and vegetation health analysis this provides rich and practical visual data for stakeholder engagement for resilience planning.


Understanding land change dynamics is a fundamental element of landscape-scale resilience planning. Until now, actionable and practical data on coastal vegetation, erosion dynamics, and land loss risk has been lacking for resilience planning. The Natrx Assess geospatial platform can produce this evaluation quickly and accurately to supplement or even replace costly fieldwork.

With a Natrx Assess analysis you’re able to develop a plan to address specific problem areas before they become larger issues. Additionally, you’re able to continually monitor the performance of actions taken.

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