Natrx Satellite Analysis Technology

Assess risks, identify opportunities, and measure results of nature-based solutions on performance and benefits like biodiversity and blue carbon at scale across large areas and asset holdings.  


Natrx Satellite Analysis Technology (Natrx SatTech) provides a never-before achieved view of coastal erosion patterns. And, using our proprietary intelligence platform, we can predict what erosion issues will look like over time so you can address specific hotspots before they become a problem.

Natrx SatTech Benefits Overview:

  • Reduce survey costs and planning timelines
  • Identify most vulnerable assets
  • Anticipate rather than react to issues
  • Prioritize spend to maximize co-benefits
  • Measure vegetative health, erosion hotspots, biodiversity
  • Receive credit for enhancements and blue carbon

A Natrx SatTech Analysis can efficiently and cost-effectively analyze and monitor large scale areas up to thousands of square miles with one-third of a meter precision.

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