Over 50% of the world’s population and $100 trillion in assets are directly exposed to risk from erosion, storm surge, and sea level rise.

Meanwhile, traditional mitigation methods are expensive and ecologically damaging. It’s time for a new approach. We help capital asset owners protect and grow their climate-exposed assets with lower cost, safe and efficient installation, and positive ecological outcomes.

Natrx Nature/OS

Our digital platform allows for a data-led, iterative approach to creating nature-based infrastructure solutions that are designed specifically for the local climate and habitat.

Our approach delivers smaller, custom implementations that are easier to afford, permit, and build. This iterative approach provides you the opportunity to monitor and capture the benefits of adaptive habitat growth over time.

The Natrx natured-based approach is hurricane-tested

Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure solutions have proven successful in protecting natural wetlands from erosional and storm threats.

Our light-weight, nature-based solutions can offer permitting advantages and reduce project timeline risk associated with environmental analysis and mitigation actions.

Furthermore, the ability to intelligently design shoreline stabilization solutions incorporating wetlands in place of bulkheads can increase vegetative protection for infrastructure.

Natrx Sustainable Exomodules

Efficiently mass manufactured with patented digital manufacturing platform

7x faster production than additive printing techniques and lower cost than traditional product (e.g. rock, riprap, concrete) implementations

Void design tailored to ensure local habitat thrives

Up to 80% reduction in carbon footprint vs. traditional products

Approximately 1/10th the weight of traditional materials meaning a safer, more efficient, habitat-positive install.

Natrx vs Rock

800 feet of erosion-resilient shoreline protection


Rock: $200,000


Natrx: $85,000

Natrx Adaptive Infrastructure
Benefits Overview


1. Lower Up-Front Costs: Our technology-enabled service provides habitat-positive infrastructure design, incremental implementation, and stakeholder engagement 

2. Improved Cash Flow Profile: Start sooner and spend less incrementally versus large, single-project CAPEX approaches

3. Free Labor: Get free protective mass from habitat growth. Achieve your goals at dramatically lower material, energy, carbon, and financial costs

4. Reduced Budget Bloat: Timing of delivery with enhanced insight into your asset-based risk helps avoid over-spec, over-spend, and out-of-control budgets

5. Capital Appreciation: A resilient, habitat-rich waterfront zone can provide capital appreciation and reduce risk of write-downs from extreme weather events


1. Customize Your Implementation: Accommodate the growth of specific local species of interest rather than blocking them out

2. Reduce Material Usage: Our digital platform creates custom infrastructure that weighs a fraction of traditional methods, incorporates the natural habitat into the solution, and requires the use of far less energy

3. Minimize Environmental Impact From Heavy Equipment: Natrx solutions are designed to require far lighter and safer construction equipment than traditional methods (dredges, barges, cranes, etc.)

4. Learn Over Time: Our incremental implementation provides continuous data for learning, adapting, and strengthening over time—ensuring habitat restoration and contribution to the scientific record

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We believe in building long-term relationships and each discussion we have helps us learn more about what we can do with our tools and techniques to make a difference.

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